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Is there enough contrast between foreground and background colour?

  • Why it's important

    • Rohit has low vision and needs content to have enough contrast to read it.
    • Jonathan is red-green colourblind and can’t make sense of information conveyed with color alone.

Steps to take

  1. Don’t use colour alone to convey meaning. Use icons, text, and other visual elements to reinforce the meaning of the content.
  2. Test contrast between foreground and background. We use Vision Australia's Colour Contrast Analyser and WebAIM's Colour Contrast Checker.
  3. Quickly scan for colour contrast problems. We use aXe, SiteImprove's accessibility checker, and WAVE's web accessibility evaluation tool.
  4. Make sure you meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) AA.

Supporting resources

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

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