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Did your accessibility testing provide accurate results?

  • Why it's important

    • Including automated testing throughout development helps catch errors as you build.
    • Retrofitting projects to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guides (WCAG) can be a considerable expense for government.
    • The Digital Transformation Agency report this expense is up to 30 times the cost of incorporating accessibility progressively.

Steps to take

  1. Always combine automated testing with ongoing manual testing.
  2. Read our guide on accessibility testing.
  3. Integrate tools like axe-core, Lighthouse Audits, or AccessLint.js into your development.
  4. Use a tool like AccessLint to find accessibility issues in your GitHub pull requests.
  5. Understand the problems faced by people with slight to extreme vision problems. Use a tool like No Coffee Vision Simulator to simulate:
    • colour blindness
    • low vision
    • visual snow, glare and ghosting
    • obstructed visual field
    • low contrast sensitivity

Supporting resources

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